OSHCamp 2014 Talks

Saturday 16th August



Paul Tanner

9:30am — 10:00am

Linux Bootloaders and Kernel Configuration

Melanie Rhianna Lewis

10:00am — 10:30am

Open Source Archaeological Geophysics - is it Achievable?

Tony Brookes

Tea break

10:40am — 11:10am

An Open Source Aquaponics Control System

Gareth Coleman & Naomi Rosenberg

11:10am — 11:40pm

From Idea to Finished Product: A Tale of DFM and CEM

Omer Kilic

11:40am — 12:10pm

Driving milling machines with Linux

Matt Venn


1:10pm — 1:40pm

Oxford Flood Network - easier to Apologise Than to Ask Permission

Ben Ward

1:40pm — 2:10pm

An Introduction to Writing Applications for the Parallella Board

Simon Cook

2:10pm — 2:40pm

Radio Then and Pararchive: decentralised, pervasive, and open story telling

James Medd

Tea break

3:20pm — 3:50pm

Commercialising your ideas

William Stone

3:50pm — 4:20pm

OpenTRV: energy technology that saves householders money

Damon Hart-Davis

Tea break

4:30pm — 5pm

Interfacing with SPI and I2C

Melanie Rhianna Lewis

5:00pm — 5:30pm

Introduction to Baserock

Sam Thursfield

5:30pm — 6:00pm

Concurrency in the real world with xCORE and XC

Alan Wood

and for Afters…

Adjourn to one of the many local pubs for a pint and some food

Exact details To be Confirmed.

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